Today I came home from work and I walked into my bedroom and I thought… ‘Why are my feet wet?’ I looked down and saw a lot of water, I looked at the window thinking I was an idiot and left it open, but I wasn’t an idiot. So I looked up, and at exactly that moment a big drop of water hit me in the face. This Sherlock had found the source.

The rainwater had found it’s way in. It wasn’t enough to get soaked walking outside for five minutes, or because the car was driving really fast through a pool of water, splashing water all over the 1.83 meter of me. No, it had to rain in my apartment as well. The weather the last two days has been horrible. It’s not only raining pretty bad, but there is a lot of wind. My windows are shaking, the sea is wild and I just read that there has been a major rockfall on the Eastern Side.                                                                                           What a lovely day!

But I can’t really complain. In Gibraltar you have this weather maybe seven days a year, in the Netherlands you have it for probably around 70 days a year. And then there are ‘normal’ rainy and windy days for the rest of the year. OK, with maybe 30 days of sunshine! That’s why in the Netherlands we have lots and lots of words for bad weather. There is this really great video about ‘How to survive the Dutch Weather’, check it out here.

Let me now come back to the title of this blog, and this week’s theme for the photo challenge ‘cosy’. There is an upside to bad weather, and that is that you are allowed to snuggle up on the sofa, with tea and chocolate and Netflix (yes, I know, I am again talking about Netflix). Nice and cosy. And when you are tired of sitting on the sofa, eating chocolate, drinking tea and netflixing, you can go to your bedroom, hide beneath the blankets and let the rain and wind hit the building. Or in our case, move your bed to the other side of the bedroom and muffle the sound of the dripping with a towel and hope for the best.


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