Week two of the Photo Challenge 2018 and this week’s subject is ‘Home’. Home in Dutch is ‘huis’ or ‘thuis’. And when you are a student you refer to the house where your parents live and you go back to in the weekends to do your laundry (read: have your mother do your laundry) as ‘thuisthuis’. My thuisthuis was my first home out of a total of five. I haven’t moved around a lot. I have only lived in four places: Wijnjewoude, Groningen, Weesp and Gibraltar.

I’ve moved twice in Groningen. In my first house I lived with two guys. I learned a lot living with other people. For instance, that I am one of those persons who is not really good in living with other people. And that if you can’t find any tableware, it can actually be under your roommates bed. And that tea bags can get moldy (also found under roommates bed). Needless to say I moved out after one year.

My second place in Groningen was a very small but lovely apartment. I loved living there. But again I learned something. I don’t like to have upstairs neighbors. She was probably just living her life, but it always sounded like she was redecorating the place. Every day. Old houses don’t really do sound isolation. Still, I lived here for five years, until I – via a trip through Asia – moved to Weesp.

My photo of this week is an old photo of my cats, Pluk and Pilar, in the summer of 2016 in my garden in Weesp. I’ve chosen this photo because cats always make a house feel more like a home. And the house in Weesp is such a beautiful home. No upstairs neighbours and a dishwasher! I was so happy when I finally had a dishwasher. I remember thinking: I will never live without a dishwasher again. Half a year later I moved to Gibraltar. And guess what… no dishwasher!