Me, myself & I

Time flies and before you know it, it is already a new Friday and time for a new blog and a new photo! This week’s theme is ‘Me, myself & I’, and writing this blog is actually interfering with my ‘Me, myself & I time’. As you can see on my photo, I am at the moment enjoying some salted pistachios and Netflix whilst wearing my bf’s comfortable sweater. Yes I know, I’m living the life.

But I just love Netflix. I am an experienced and overachieving binge-watcher. Right now I am watching ‘Rita’, a Danish show about a school teacher. Doesn’t sound very exciting, but it really is an amazing series. I change this up with ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’. I am not really sure why I started watching this, but now I am hooked. After watching a few series I am now fully up to speed with the Drag queen language. For instance, if you look amazing, you look fierce. If you look even even more amazing than fierce, you look sickening.

So I am very very very sorry, but this weeks blog is very very very short. Netflix is calling and those pistachios are not eating themselves! If you have any recommendations for binge-watching sessions, do let me know! Have a lovely Netflix-filled weekend!

XXX Annemarie