New Beginnings

A few days ago I saw a post on Instagram from another blogger about a Photo Challenge. She asked if people fancied joining. ‘Yes!’ I thought. I was looking for inspiration, for a theme for new blogs and this seems perfect. So it goes like this: every Friday(!) I will post a photo in my blog with a subject chosen by the blogger from PostcardfromGibraltar. This week’s subject is ‘New Beginnings’. Such a perfect subject for a new series of blogs and of course, for a new year.

Speaking of: Happy New Year dear people. I hope you all had a lovely time with your families and friends. I sure did. After the difficult year we’ve had I was very very eager to start twenty eighteen. By the way, in the Netherlands we say ‘two thousand eighteen’, the ‘twenty eighteen’ thing didn’t land in the Netherlands. Not even in Amsterdam.

But here it is! Two thousand eighteen. It’s a strange thing how a new year can be such a new start. How it can make you feel like you can leave a whole year behind you and start fresh. Other periods of time don’t really have that effect. Everybody hates Mondays, nobody thinks: Yeej a new week! No, most of us are upset the weekend is over. The only ‘new week resolution’ is to get to Friday as fast as possible.

But the excitement for the new year is for some people only a very short one. January blues and Blue Monday follow very quickly after the champagne and party filled New Year’s Eve. Not for me and definitely not this year. I can only see opportunities and I am excited about all the things that are coming this year. And yes, that has probably something to do with the fact that the love of my life dropped down on one knee during Christmas. (Big YEEJ!) Here is to 2018. To New Beginnings.

XXX Annemarie