I know. I am two days late for the Friday Photo Challenge. Last week has been really busy with Childline’s Blue Week and when I crashed on my sofa Friday I went through my photos and I thought: ‘I don’t have anything for these week’s theme ‘Spring’. I thought I might take a picture of my mini daffodils but I saw that other people already had daffodils for their photo challenge. And that was (probably quite literally) my last thought, until yesterday when I came up with this picture.

I can here you think: ‘what does this photo have to do with spring?’ Well, I took the liberty to use the Dutch meaning of the word ‘spring’ and that’s ‘jump’! So here is a picture of me where I spring! This was an intentional Dutch/English mix up, but sometimes I have them unintentional. Once in Spanish class I had to translate ‘the girl is very slim’ to Spanish. I wrote down ‘la chica es muy inteligente’. That gave me some strange looks. Slim in Dutch means intelligent. So in translating from English to Spanish, my brain went Dutch. Great!

I had another English/Dutch confusion this week. I asked my colleague about a beamer. And she looked at me and asked what I was talking about? ‘Oh you mean a projector?’ she said laughing. And I said: ‘Yes, they are called beamers’. ‘No they are not!’, she said. I said: ‘yes it is, it’s an English word, we don’t just make them up!’ I googled it and I found that the Dutch actually made that word up. Oh. My colleague later explained that in Scotland, a beamer meant that you get a red face when you are embarrassed. And I said: ‘that’s just great, I got a beamer over a beamer!’.

Another difficult things are sayings. For instance if something gets caught up in bureaucracy the English say ‘it’s caught in red tape’. That one had me confused for a bit, because it took me a minute before realising it was not meant literal, it was a saying. And there is another things I just keep writing wrong ‘photos’. I almost always write ‘photo’s’, because the plural of ‘foto’ in Dutch is ‘foto’s’. My head just can’t deal with a different ‘s rule.

Apart from that, I manage quite well in English and as long as it is about food or drinks, a manage quite well in Spanish too! That reminds me: I have to go! It’s tapas&vino time! Adios amigos!