Wall Art

Oops! I am one theme behind! Last week’s theme was ‘Green’. I did not have the time to write a blog, but I did share a photo of our beautiful horse in a lovely green field. This week’s theme is Wall Art and the photo I’ve chosen is one I have taken of Moorish tiles in the beautiful Real Alcázar in Sevilla. I am getting a tiny bit obsessed with Moorish Tiles and Moorish Castles. I wish I had my own Moorish Castle. I think it would suit me well.

Those Moorish tiles are a fantastic piece of Wall Art, aren’t they? I love all the different patterns, different colors or the massive tile paintings. Even though they are very old, it never really gets old. In the South of Spain there are plenty of places where you can find these tiles. And if you are in Sevilla with a bag of money, you can go and get your own Wall Art!

I know everybody is always equally obsessed and frustrated with the Alhambra in Granada. You have to see it, you simply cannot miss out (they must have a fantastic marketing team!), but it is impossible to get tickets (their sales team is waaaay less fantastic). If you find yourself in Andalusia without tickets to the Alhambra, don’t worry. Really, there are plenty equally beautiful buildings to go visit.

Like the formally mentioned Real Alcázar in Sevilla. It is so beautiful, and what is even better, it is way easier to get tickets for it. Or the Alcazaba in Malaga, also an amazing building. Very easy to get tickets, just bring enough cash and you can buy the tickets at the entrance. But my absolute favorite, yes, it is better than the Alhambra, The Mezquita in Cordoba. I can promise you, you’ve never seen anything like it. It’s is the most amazing building I’ve ever set foot in.



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